Looney Tunes : Golden Collection

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Royaume-Uni Edition, PAL/Region 2 DVD: SON: Anglais ( Dolby Digital 2.0 ), SUPPLEMENTS: Accès De Scène, Ensemble De Boîte, Ensemble De Multi-DVD, Menu Interactif, SYNOPSIS: All six volumes of the Golden Collection series of the Warner Brothers animated cartoon. Each collection raids the archives of the popular and long-running series, Looney Tunes, to bring back the adventures of such iconic characters as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Speedy Gonzales and Elmer Fudd. The bulk of the cartoons are uncut and have been remastered from the original negatives. As well as classic episodes from all the main characters, the collection features Looney Tunes cartoons dating from the Second World War, including send-ups of Hermann Goering, Hideki Tojo and Joseph Stalin, rare shorts directed by Friz Freleng and a selection of influential director Bob Clampetts standout episodes. Also featured are a number of Looney Tunes parodies of fairytales, the first ever Looney Tune - 1930s Sinkin in the Bathtub - and a number of contributions from esteemed director Chuck Jones. ...Looney Tunes - Golden Collection (Volumes 1-6) - 24-DVD Box Set