Trend - Lime conique 152mm grain fin

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Marque: Trend Machinery


  • Trend DWS/TF6/F 6-Inch Diamond Fine Tapered File
  • 6-Inch

  • Description du produit:

    Flat side allows for standard sharpening and half round/taper allow for sharpening of curved and hard to get at places;Handle 17/32-Inch thick by 3 9/16-Inch long;Ideal for sharpening carbide tipped saw blades, router bits, pruners, sheers axes and most carbide and HSS tooling;James Barry Guide to Diamond Sharpening DVD has section devoted to use of DWS/TF6/F, Trend Item number DVD/DWS/JB;Suitable for woodturning gouge internal and external bevel edges, skews, carving tools, model engineering, routers, saw blades, small chisels, knives, serrated edges, metals and plastics, pruners, shears and all shaped tooling